Landscape | Week Two | CT Children’s & Family Photographer

This week’s theme is “landscape”, and while I appreciate the beauty of images depicting a full scene, my artistic sensibilities tend toward the detailed finite viewpoint.  I see art in the small details, in the way the light and the elements mingle to create obscure gorgeous imaging.

The photo below is this week’s submission for “landscape”, and in it I see the word “tenacity”.  Those three leaves are hanging tough–they’ve weathered a devastating Nor’easter, followed by 2 and a half months of cold and wind, frost and ice.  So fragile looking, yet they’ve persevered in holding tight when even bigger, stronger branches gave up the fight in our October snow and ice storm.

I’m going to keep an eye on them and see if they make it until spring, but I know that even if they do, the one thing that will push them off the branch . . . is the sprout of new life.  And so it goes . . .

Please continue our circle to check out the beautiful photo put up this week by

Robin Moore, Cary NC Photographer.

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