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Piggy Tail! || CT Children’s Photographer

aaahhhh!!!  SO cute!! ||  CT Connecticut Child Children Family Newborn Maternity Photographer Photography  ||Click to see the rest!

Glittery Gnats?

This is a quick sneak peek from a beautiful, beautiful family session from last night.  We were all complaining aboutClick to see the rest!

Stunners! All of them!

Want to see a gorgeous, happy family?!  Check these guys out   What I love the most about these pics is how evidentClick to see the rest!

A Beautiful Trio

Check out this beautiful mommy with her two adorable girls!  I really loved meeting these three, and then photographingClick to see the rest!

Honeyed Light

This sweet girl provided the perfect subject to be bathed in this golden honey light.  I loved working with her and herClick to see the rest!

the golden hour

just the prettiest light of day, hands down. || CT Connecticut Children Family Photographer  ||Click to see the rest!

Mama + Baby = The Sweetest Love

I’m just in love with this image . . . I love how the bond is so evident, so sweet.   ||  Connecticut CTClick to see the rest!

Be Still My Heart

awww . . . don’t cry, baby!    The daddy/baby pics rival the mama/baby pics for my favorites!! ||  CTClick to see the rest!

Nothing I love more

than a mama/baby shot . . . can’t you just feel the love here? ||  Connecticut CT Litchfield Hartford FamilyClick to see the rest!

Sneak Peek!

A quick sneak peek of this pretty little lady and her beautiful eyes and adorable smile!  We had so much fun shootingClick to see the rest!

Where troubles melt like lemondrops

Provincetown Harbor, Cape Cod, MA, August 2013.Click to see the rest!

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